Just finished reading “48 Days to the Work You Love” by Dan Miller, who also has a new book out entitled “No More Mondays”.  Lots of good info for the person looking for a typical corporate job, how to stuff for writing resumes, interviewing, non-normative approaches to finding jobs, ect.  Also has a few good chapters on starting your own business and working from home. 

  But a few of the questions really got me thinking about my career as a nurse.  Questions like “What types of things do you find yourself daydreaming about doing?”, “what types of things, when you’re doing them, do you find the time just flying by?”, and “is what you’re doing now giving you a sense of purpose or fulfillement at the end of the day?”.  Man, those kinda got me thinking, ’cause I don’t often find myself daydreaming about holding down drunk people, wiping rear-ends, and suctioning out tracheostomys….imagine that! 

   I’m even thinking about writing out some 5 year goals for myself and our family…which my wife thinks is the first sign that I’ve gone crazy (“what?  you have dreams and goals, that’s not the man I married”.