bumGeniusMy wife and I have a 1 month old child now, our first, and we’re trying to figure out how to conserve and use less with a new little life in the house.  To that end we’ve done some research on cloth diapers.  Not the old, white, funky fold and pin/possibly stab into place on your child diapers.  Now you’ve got some sweet options out there.  The two best I’ve come across are g-diapers (www.gdiapers.com) and bumGenious diapers (www.cottonbabies.com).

  The low down: 

  • We chose bumGenious – buy one for 17.95, one size fits all, from 8-35lbs.  They’re fully adjustable, velcroe tabs, washable liner, multiple colors, and the cloth has a synthetic blend liner attached to prevent leaking.  Very smooth design, as easy as a disposable diaper to use.  Only downside is you have to wash the entire diaper every time it’s soiled as the liner is inside a pocket in the diaper.  But the savings with only having to buy one diaper that we can fully adjust (with snaps) is amazing!  To top it all off, the company will purchase the cloth diapers back from you when you’re done if they are still in good condition for 7.95 or so.
  • Good freinds of ours are using gdiapers, and they love them.  Very similar in most respects.  Cost is 16.99 per diaper, but they are not adjustable, you’ll have to buy several sizes to get through the entire diapering phase.  A really nice difference is that they have a disposable/flush-able/biodegradable liner.  Handy to have when you’re out and about, or just have a small amount of urine or stool and don’t need to actually wash the diaper.

The debate could rage on as to what is the most “green” since there is extra water use with having to wash diapers every other day or so.  But this seems to pale in comparison to the fact that most research shows disposable diapers may not decompose for several hundred years, if ever.   Most people mummify their diapers with a Diaper Genie before throwing them out, further adding to the practically unattainable decomposing time.

As for cost, check out http://www.naturalfamilyonline.com/5-diap/45-diaper-cost.htm for a breakdown of disposable diaper costs.  We figure the cost of our cloth diapers for the entire course of our child’s “diapered” life would be reached in the first 3 months if we were using only disposable.  And if you use them for more than one kid…than you’ll just be rolling in it….money that is.