As a nurse in the ER….a male nurse….actually, to be more precise, a straight male nurse…I’ve run into quite a few patients that leave me chuckling for most of the night, thought I’d try to keep you all abreast of the situation.

Recently had a 5 year old boy come into the ER after getting into his moms purse for some eye drops.  Apparently his eyes were dry, had seen his mom use some saline drops, and thought he should try a few.  He accidentally grabbed moms small tube of Super Glue….oops.  Thankfully, didn’t get any drops in his eye, just on his eyelid…which promptly fused to the other lid.  Good times.  Can’t really use nail-polish remover to get that off.  It was quite the delicate operation.  All ended well though, 5 year old can still see and he learned a valuable lesson…don’t put glue in your eyes, no matter how dry they may be.