Think you’re a stud?  Check out this thing, makes running a triathlon on a fractured ankle look like a Sunday afternoon nap.  Twice a year in Wolverhampton, England, the mightiest of the mighty gather in search of adventure…and the possibility of a cold,  painful death.  Seriously, you have to sign a death warrant before the start of the race.  An ESPN article has quotes from contestants saying: “drunk is the best time to fill out the race application” and of the mud pits “This seems a little unnecessary, doesn’t it?”.  Unnecessary, yes, which is exactly why I must do it.  

“…the Tough Guy competition, a semi-annual 8-mile race through mud, manure, water, fire, more mud, barbed wire, nets, electrical charges, still more mud, smoke grenades, sewer pipes, ice, even more mud, ropes, cables, and tires…”   They have a huge picture with Jesus being taken off the cross and the words “The original tough guy” underneath.  Everything is spiritual….

The pictures will either make you a little queasy, or have you booking your airline tickets to the UK for the next “Tough Guy”.  Check out the official website for more incredible info than you could possibly digest.

Also, a few sites with pictures  and more pictures that make you want to do something manly…