Have a cell phone with texting?  How about a new and probably mostly unneeded feature you can’t live without?  Check out Jott.com.  Jott is a new free feature you can use to send yourself, friends, or coworkers text messages via your spoken voice.  Or you can send yourself meeting reminders, wake up calls, brilliant ideas that you want to write down, grocery lists, whatever. 

First, set up your free account on line, then from your cell phone, dial 866-JOTT123.  The automated voice says “Who do you want to Jott”, you say “myself”, then after the beep say anything you’d like (for up to 30 seconds), five minutes later you’ll be sent a transcribed text message or email.  Jott also asks if you want reminders, which is perfect for remembering you anniversary, for example.

For more info, check out the article “Why You Should Jott Yourself” on the Washington Posts website.