An interesting idea came out in our parenting class a couple nights ago; “begin as you mean to go”.  Meaning, decide what actions and behaviors are ok for your kids now by walking down that road mentally and seeing if that same behavior is “ok” or “cute” in 3 months, 3 years, ect.  If you’re not going to let them do it at a friends house, at church, or when they get a little older, why let them do it now?

One example used was having your 10 month old playing with the remote control at home.  Picking it up, chewing on it, maybe banging it on the table.  It may seem harmless or even be a new learning sensation/experience, but when you go over to a friends house, are you going to allow them to pick up their remote and bang it on the table?  If not, then you’ve created unneeded confusion for your 10 month old.  Begin as you mean to go, thoughts?