Impressive video


  Belton, Missouri, on the cutting edge of traffic evolution.  Common knowledge, right?  It’s not due to the the fact that a large percentage of us Beltonians are able to actually drive our homes and most of us have at least 2 old Fords and a Chevy on blocks in the front yard, no we’ve come to be known as traffic pattern magicians because of our infamous roundabouts.

Oh sure they’re kinda strange looking and only about 8% of our population know how to use them, but I love them!  Think of all the time you’d waste sitting at a red light, instead, you just barely touch the brakes, yield, and merge on in.  No stopping.  And it’s better for the environment, less idling at the stoplight means fewer of those cursed greenhouse emissions.  Their safer as well, no stoplight for somebody to speed through and T-bone you. 

Shorter commute, better for the environment, and a little safer…overall, upbeat!  If you haven’t had the pleasure of driving one of these bad boys, check out 58 highway in Belton, driving west out of town, there’s about 4 roundabouts in a one mile stretch.  Good times!  And if you’re feeling really crazy, you can just go ’round and ’round on one until your eyes are permanently crossed and you projectile vomit.  Now do we know how to have a good time in Belton or what?!